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Live Edge White Oak Dining Tables


White oak live edge measure 40" wide at both ends and  96" long

Kiln dried to 12%

All of my tables recieve an integrated steel reinforcment system into the underside. This ensures your table stays flat for it's lifetime

All voids on top can be filled with clear epoxy, colored stone or a custom wood/epoxy filler

Your finished surface is a hand rubbed, matte finish lacquer

This formula eliminates the worries of "white ring" problems associated with other finishes

I will inlay "bow ties" or "stitching" in your choice of white oak or a contrasting hardwood to mitigate any future cracks. These can be place into the underside if you don't want to see them.

Comes complete with your choice of steel base. "Trapezoid" or "T" style

Bases are 26g steel and powder coated in your choice of colors

Custom base designs are always a welcome challenge and can be made using : Barn timbers, steel, stone and/or dimensioned reclaimed lumber  etc...

All work is guaranteed

       0;      &# 160;   *****  3 slabs to choose from******

*******Please contact me with an active email addy for additional pictures of available stock******

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