Nature's Knots

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Quotes I am so happy that I found Marty for my project. I felt his work would be quality based on pictures on his website, and he did not disappoint! He was very easy to deal with, timely on communication, help me design just what I was looking for, and I could not have been more thrilled with the end product ! See for yourself....craftsmanship is the best! Look at my pictures and see for yourself! Next project..a matching buffett! Thanks Marty! Quotes
Sharon Hughes
Dining Room Set

Quotes Marty was fabulous to work with -- he really collaborated with me to create a design that was just my style even though I didn't come in with one in mind. Craftsmanship is very high quality. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! A few photos attached. Highly recommend working with him!! Quotes
Amanda M

Quotes Where there?s a will there?s a way, so when Marty Poirier of Nature?s Knots began woodworking and couldn?t afford old cherry he found his own wood to work with. A long-time nature lover, Marty would search the woods and find logs along the stream during his fly-fishing trips. What began as a matter of convenience turned into Marty?s true workform and preferred niche, reclaimed wood decor. Every raw piece of wood tells a story, according to Marty. Bald pieces disclose where bark fell off, tiny holes show that the tree was home to insects, knots unfurl where branches grew, and burls debunk loads of dormant buds. Imperfections typically lead wood to a hefty pile for the fireplace, but Marty finds ways to embrace the supposed flaws. Pieces with character tend to have voids so in true Nature?s Knots fashion, Marty meticulously fills the holes with crushed turquoise to gorgeously contrast the grain and color of the wood. Quotes
Caroline Bagby
Custom Made Maker Spotlight

Quotes Marty of Natures Knots was fantastic to work with on my custom built Hoosier cabinet. I had spent hours searching stores and the internet but couldn't find what I wanted. I have had custom built pieces done for me twice in the past so I wasn't afraid to try again. I chose Marty because I liked his featured pictures and ideas and the price. Marty kept me up to date with emails and pictures of the unit as it progressed. I had some very specific ideas and he honored all of them including using vintage bubble glass, custom ordered glass knobs, specific measurements, re claimed barn wood left in it's natural state, hardware, and distressing the unit with black paint. The cabinet is more than I expected, an excellent value for the quality of work and materials in the piece. Quotes
Lisa's Hoosier Cabinet
"Family heirloom"

Quotes Marty was awesome to work with and the table turned out absolutely perfectly. The pictures don't do his craftmanship justice! Overall, the project went smoothly from start to finish. And speaking of finishes...I changed my mind about which stain I wanted on my furniture, and Marty had fantastic recommendations for me. He he knows his woods and finishes for certain. He also delivered the table in person because he only lives a few hours away. I wasn't surprised to discover that he is a likeable person; you don't become a custom furniture maker if you don't truly enjoy your craft. He is the type of person that won't let something go out the door to a customer if he wouldn't want it in his own home. And that's rare in this world! If you are considering him for a project, don't give it a second thought. Quotes
Whiskey Barrel Pub Table
Happy customer

Quotes I love my table! It is so great to have a web site like this to connect craftsman with people who are looking for something different than what you can buy in chain stores. Our table is so unique and a great addition to our home. Our table arrived ahead of schedule and Marty was great to work with. He sent us pictures along the way and his enthusiasm for our project got us even more excited to see the finished product. I also really liked that the price includes shipping so you can pick from people around the US w/o having to worry about that the cost of shipping may add more than you originally planned for. Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I needed an entertainment center for a corner in my home and was very dissatisfied with what was on the market. I gave marty a rough description of what I was wanting. His creation far surpasses my expectations. Every attention to detail was met with perfection. I can say I truly have an heirloom piece that i will enjoy for years. His craftsmanship is incomparable to box store furniture as most of them make their furniture out of particle board or it is plebeian in design. Don't disgrace your home with the run of the mill, Grace your home with something truly avant garde. Quotes
Nickoll Anderson
Elated customer

Quotes Marty has done a wonderful job on all of my furniture such as cabinet, small vanity, and nightstands. He has met all of my expectations and excellent communicator with issues or statues. I highly recommend him for any of the furniture work that you wanted to have custom made as his prices are very reasonable. Quotes
Satisfied Craftman!

Quotes Stuart D. wrote: Very well made, high quality piece of furniture. Stately and regal; now the centerpiece of my living room. I am 100% satisfied. Quotes
Stuart D.
Oak Media Center

Quotes I commissioned Marty Poirier to create a warm and cozy kitchen eating nook, combining a wooden ceiling fixture from which 3 onyx stone pendant lights would hang. I wanted to achieve a balance between a rustic, weathered look and a highly finished, somewhat glossy, and durable table surface. Marty recommended the use of wormy Chestnut wood, from a tree which is now completely extinct, and which can only be obtained as reclaimed lumber from old buildings and demolition sites. In short order, Marty managed to obtain some beautifully textured wormy Chestnut wood in excellent condition which perfectly matched what I had envisioned. The finished installation is nothing short of stunning, with a beautiful surface and impeccable attention to detail. Marty is a master craftsman who pays close attention to understanding what the customer wants and who completes a project in a timely fashion at very reasonable cost. Quotes
Breakfast Nook