Nature's Knots

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About me

  Growing up on the Gulf Coast beaches of Florida gave me lots of time to fish the mangrove shorelines, inland lakes and rivers, swim, boat and hang out in paradise. The ocean breezes combined with the smell of Grampas shop are some of the fond memories I have of visiting his house when he was building or refinishing some piece of furniture. He had a real knack for custom designing furniture and cabinetry to fit his customers needs. I still use a lot of his hand tools. Small boxes and jars filled with old knobs and hinges are packed away where I can use them from time to time. Over 28 years have passed since I got serious about this obsession and I've learned a lot. I'll continue to learn throughout my life so as to hone my skills even more. I take great pride in giving my customers the piece of art they are looking for, with complete satisfaction. In these times I believe "made in America" equals made with pride, to last.

  The ocean breezes have been replaced  with cool mountain air. But the smell and the feel of the wood shop is still as important to my psyche as it ever was. I continue to design new pieces of furniture that are unique to my vision, and hopefully yours.

You can call or text me at 828)768-9911  

 email [email protected]